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There are a few factors which may send a shiver up your spine and one of those instances should be when your doctor refuses to operate on you if your scan shows negative. This is a sure indication that the doctor is inexperienced and is most certainly not an expert. Do not trust your neck with such doctors.  Expert doctors will and can do a even if the scan shows negative.  This is because the most important thing to know is where a tumor in not located.  Negative scans can show that exactly and doctors can learn from the scan where not to operate.

When doctors know where not to operate, they can easily do a mini-surgery. They will now have a pretty good idea of where the bad gland is and can take out that one using just a small incision.  This has made recovery faster.  Patients can go home after an hour or so.  Mini surgeries are now preferred over the standard ones where they make large incisions to identity the problematic gland.  Patients can expect a full cure as opposed to the olden days where some may not be cured at all. Make use of modern technology and get that surgery done without any fear.