Considering that the family dentist you choose will be providing you and your family members with dental care and treatment, its important that you choose the right dentist. You certainly want the dentist you select to be a person you and your family members feel comfortable with. Its also essential that youre provided with the type of dental care you will need now and in the future. Here are three important questions to ask a which will ensure that you make the right choice.

What Areas Does Your Practice Specialize In?
It is common for a dentist to only be proficient in treating certain conditions. Some dentists specialize in , periodontics, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and so on and so forth. Since the dentist you choose will be providing every member of your family with care and treatment, its important to find a dentist that offers a wide range of treatments for all types of conditions. If you were to need a dental implant for example and your child is in need of braces, it would be ideal if your family dentist provided both implant surgery and orthodontics for kids. There are large dental practices in nearly every mid to large sized city which provide comprehensive dental care. These practices often have several dentists on staff who each specialize in one particular area. Use the internet to run a location-based search to find such a practice in your area.

Does Your Practice Offer Free Consultations or Low Cost New Patient Exams?
No reputable family dental service would expect its patients to choose them without first allowing an office visit to see if the office, personnel and dentist(s) are the right fit for them. A good dental practice should provide free, no-obligation initial consultations or at least low cost new patient examinations. This way, if after your first visit you dont wish to use that practice, you can simply walk out the door and be done with it.

Today, dentists are doing a lot more advertising than ever before which means all the dentists in your area are vying for your business. When you finally start your search for a dental practice to use, youll be pleasantly surprised that most dentists you contact will indeed provide free or low cost initial consultations.

What Types of Insurance Do You Accept and Do You Offer Payment Plans?
It can cost a small fortune to have extensive or complicated dental work done these days. If you have dental insurance for your family, youll obviously want to use a dentist that accepts your insurance type. And, once you find out that your insurance is accepted, ask the practice if it files the necessary insurance paperwork for its patients as a courtesy service.

Most dental practices today provide their patients with a range of payment plan options. If you dont have insurance or only have partial coverage that may just cover preventative dentistry for example, you need a good payment plan option that youll be able to afford. Successful dental practices usually accept cash, several types of insurance and even deductibles and co-pays to allow their patients to get the care they need without financial stress. Some dental practices are even offering interest-free payment programs which are very popular.

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