In popular culture, people who are missing teeth are usually depicted as simpletons, hillbillies, and generally not worthy of respect. In the real world, people from all walks of life are missing teeth for a variety of reasons. Sadly, plenty of people with incomplete smiles are treated as something less than worthy for the simple fact that they don’t have all their teeth.

In years past, correcting this problem involved long and expensive treatments that were usually far beyond the means of the average working person. Fortunately, a slate of technological advances has put dental implant technology within reach of just about anyone who is willing to go out there and get it.

Besides being relatively accessible, also make social encounters feel a lot less awkward, and even make eating easier. If you’ve been putting off getting an implant to replace your missing teeth, here are a few of the benefits that can make your decision a lot easier.

Implants are Forever
One of the biggest is that they are a, “one and done,” procedure. That means that once you’ve completed the implant process, you’ll never have to worry about that tooth again.

As you might know, that’s not necessarily the case with bridgework and dentures. Those old-fashioned devices need to be regularly removed for cleaning, that’s just not the case with implants. The only way to clean your implant tooth is the same way you clean, or should be cleaning, the rest of your teethwith dental floss and a toothbrush. And, unless you get struck in the mouth with a solid object, your dental implants will never, ever come out of your mouth.

Quicker Than You Think
A decade ago, getting a dental implant involved multiple office visits and an extended grafting period while your jawbone fused with the implant stem. While that technique is still widely used, plenty of dentists are using more advanced techniques that offer same-day implant service.

This is a major leap forward for the cosmetic dentistry industry and removes some big time roadblocks for busy dental patients. Remember, not every dentist offers this service yet, so you may have to look around a bit to find one in your area who’s ahead of the curve.

That said, prospective patients really shouldn’t overlook the benefit of traditional implants just because they take a little longer to get going. At the end of the day what you really want is a complete set of teeth, even if it takes a few visits to get them.

A Life-Changer
Most people who get dental implants are amazed at how this, relatively simple, technology can completely transform their lives. Many of these folks had lived with missing teeth for so long that they had completely forgotten how good it feels to have a complete set again.

Though implant technology is still a bit pricey, the overall cost is trending in a downward direction. That said, the return on investment from your implant purchase should make this a course of action you’ll want to pursue.

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