images (74)It seems that more and more of us are journeying long distances by air. A regrettable fact is that for many, the simple pressure of journey reduces the entertainment of the location.This does not have to be. Many everyday living aids are developed to help with journey too. Here are just a few described below.

Many have reached locations with a painful neck because they slept off with their head without support. Some create plugged ears that sometimes take days to go away. And most severe of all some individuals are air sick in journey and experience the whole way there and then take a while to restore. Not a nice beginning to any trip! For most individuals there are alternatives to prevent these disruptions to their entertainment of journey. And often these answers are affordable and easy. Many everyday living aids are developed to help with journey too. For the individual who dozes on the aircraft, they can journey with a small, light and portable, journey cervical assistance cushion or pillow. These cushions cover around your neck and help to back up it effectively when you sleep. They are quite enjoyable to use. Look for orthopedic for extra relaxed non-inflatable cervical cushions. They are available in inflatable designs that make holding them practical. Check out HedBeds for an inflatable design. The individual whos ear plug up can prevent this pain with an air journey ear plug. The ear pain many tourists experience during take-offs and landings is due to fast changes of air pressure on the eardrum. There are sleeping earplugs developed particularly to slow the rate of air pressure changes. One product is known as EarPlanes (rather appropriate- dont you agree?). These are my most favorite as they are recycleable once washed with alcohol. People who get air sick can take ginger root, a confirmed anti-nausea solution. Or consider acupressure bracelets.

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