The liver body organ is the master body organ of the body program, and most people consider the liver body organ to be more essential in the normal performing of the body program than even the brain and the heart. If there is any damage to the liver body organ, then there could be serious problems, such as bowel problems, serious gastritis, morning illness, etc. Problems with the liver body organ could be jaundice, liver disease, cirrhosis and hepatomegaly (enlargement of the liver), all of which are life-threatening conditions. Hence it is essential to take care of the liver body organ.

The liver body organ is a complex body organ that works 24 hours a day and functions hundreds of specific features in the body program. More than 500 body program features have been identified with the liver body organ, including program cleansing and detox, the breakdown and metabolism of dietary fat and carbs, production of certain plasma necessary protein and cholesterol, storage of iron, removal of toxins, drugs and bacteria from the blood vessels, the control of blood vessels clots and the maintenance of a healthy defense mechanisms.

Some symptoms which indicate something is wrong with the liver body organ are:-

Loss of appetite



Pain in the abdomen

Difficulty in breathing and coughing

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